Batman silicone mold

Article: sm1
80x55 mm (3.1x2.2")
tags: Movies

We offer all of our molds in food grade and non food grade silicone. You can use the food grade silicone mold for chocolate, fondant, sugar, candy, butter or any other edible below 395 degrees Fahrenheit. Non Food Grade Silicone rubber is an excellent product for a variety of other materials including wax, soap, gypsum/plaster, epoxy, PMC, all types of resin, polymer clay, paper or anything else you can think of. Material: Food grade(or non food grade), high quality silicone, temperature: -40C; +180C, without loosing flexibility Molds are flexible with no need for a releasing agent. *We are always adding new molds so please check out our shop * DO NOT use the Non Food Grade mold for food.