Custom order

Four easy steps to create personalized order

  1. Input contact inforamtion
  2. Click on "Add item" to start building your custom order (click it as many times as items you are willing to order)
  3. Select product type and set its dimensions, where:
    • Y - product height
    • X - product width (is calculated automatically according to Y parameter)
    • Z - height of cutter (by default it is set to 9mm. If you need different parameter, please add this inforamtion to commentary section)
  4. Upload designs in any popular graphical format. Please note that size of each uploaded file must not exceed 5MB
    Good example
    • Clear high resolution picture
    • Lines are clearly visible
    • Image without distortion
    Bad example
    • Low resolution picture
    • There is no closed loop in the image
    • Picture is unproportional, made with angle.

If you have any additional requests and demands, please fill Comment field


Order cost
Final calculation will provided shortly after evaluation of request by our specialist via email.