Ok emoji Cookie Cutter

2.5 USD
Article: cc0527
70x55 mm (2.8x2.2")
tags: Fun

Each of cutters have their own sizes which were tested on dough and guarantees good result.

Standard parameters of any cookie cutters, provided on our website are as follows:

cutter height - 9mm, height of holder - 1 mm, height of inner contour - 6.5 mm. The thickness of the cutter - 1mm. The thickness of the internal contour, not less than 1 mm.

Still, you have an option to order your own personal sizes – just add comment in Commentary field in your Order request or send us a request to info@allcookiecutters.com

On request, we can produce any size of cutter from our shop. If you are a commercial baker and need personalized cookie cutters, please contact us info@allcookiecutters.com We have several options availiable.